Penerapan Metode Pengajaran Montessori pada Pembelajaran Bilangan Eksponen di MAS At-Taqwa Maumere

  • Wahyuningsih IKIP Muhammadiyah Maumere
Keywords: Montessori Teaching methodology, problem solving and mathematics learning


Montessori Teaching methodology is an introduction to basic principles of Montessori. The principles of basic observation, individual freedom, and a well – prepared learning environment are applied in the earlier stages of eksponen number learning at MAS At-Taqwa Maumere level.  They are the medium and complementary as the stimulant to brain to strengthen the activities and capability of students in solving eksponen number problem. There is a special rule to use the Montessori teaching method in solving a problem. To improve quality of learning accomplishment, it is necessary for teacher to possess the knowledge and skill to create a supportive and comfortable learning environment for students.  The application of Montessori teaching methodology consists of planning, guarding and review.